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SC DNR Open House

On Tuesday, December 7, 2021 South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Division at Fort Johnson, Charleston S.C. had a "Open House Tour" for the Saltwater Fishing Instructors Program.  GSSAA members, Skip Lisle, Brad Schenk and David Rapp attended this event.  At the event Pamela Corwin SCDNR Director of the Saltwater Fishing Instructors, donated hand made items to the GSSAA to be given out as prizes for the Christmas Party on Saturday, December 11, 2021.  Pamela Corwin donated a 1.  Flounder Christmas Ornament, 2. Fish Coasters 3. Fly Fishing Earrings 4. Spoon Earrings.  The dontation totalled over $103.00 to our fishing club.  

At Tuesdays open house event, we were advised that the North Myrtle Beach Police Division made a substantial donation of fishing rod & reels to the SCDNR Saltwater Fishing Instructors Program.   This all came about because on Saturday, October 2, 2021, Ed Skowysz, Skip Lisle, Brad Schenk and David Rapp SCDNR Fishing Instructors & GSSAA members worked the North Myrtle Beach Safety Forces, "Take-A-Kid Fishing".  This donation will allow us to use the rod and reels for teaching purposes.

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, at the GSSAA monthly meeting, Ed Librick and David Rapp collected $425.00 for Fostering Hope.  Thanks to all the GSSAA members for their donation.  

Take-a-Kid Fishing with Pam Corwin, SCDNR Volunteer Coordinator & GSSAA Volunteers

Take-A-Kid Fishing event at 5 Piers, Cherry Grove, 2nd Ave Pier, Spring Maid, Myrtle Beach State Park & Garden City.  
Saturday October 16-21.  A total of 153 kids attended the event.  
Each kid in attendance received a fishing bucket, tackle box, tackle, fishing pliers, fish tattoos and other items from SCDNR.
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